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15" Powered Speaker
Product info:
15" Self-Powered Speaker
Suitable for events of 300+ people
Multimedia Features:
Bluetooth​ audio
USB/MP3 player
Product Description:
The AHUJA XPA-3000DP is very loud. It's a Portable PA designed to work events of around 300+ people, with a full compliment of three (3) microphone inputs, line-in/line out and a built-in bluetooth and USB/MP3 player.
The tone of the XPA-3000DP is noteworthy: you get the same "Live event" sound as an EAW top. If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a large outdoor sound system at home, this will do it.
As a side note: AHUJA power ratings are conservative, to say the least. This box is described by AHUJA as 250 Watts, but it is much louder than the 2000W Powered Speakers from other brands.