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HardBASS Club Series

HardBASS CS18 | CS15 | CS12
Pro Audio Subwoofers
Price: $895 TTD (18")
Price: $650 TTD (15")
Price: $595 TTD (12")
Product info:
Club Series Woofers
8 ohm / Pro Audio
Product Description:
The Club Series is made for superior quality sound reinforcement for those serious about sound. The Club Series has impressive features such as a copper-cap motor system, extensive voice coil ventilation and a bumped back for unrestricted excursion.
The CS12 is ideal for midbass in Pro Audio cabinets or for instrument amp cabinets.
The CS15 can serve dual use in either midbass or subwoofer applications. The CS15 can hit exceptionally low and aggressive BASS performances. Power handling is 1200W / 600 RMS.
The CS18 is excellent for subwoofer (low bass) applications. Power handling is 1400W / 700 RMS.
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