Yamaha 76-Key Premium Keyboard

Number of Keys: 76

Touch Response: Yes, Soft, Medium, Hard or Fixed

Display: LCD display

Headphone output: Yes

Aux-in: Yes (including crossfade feature)


Number of Voices (Instrument sounds):758 (237 Panel Voices + 24 Drum/SFX kits + 40 Arpeggio + 457 XGlite voices)
Featured Voices: 1 Live! Voice, 8 Sweet! Voices, 3 Cool! Voices, 3 Dynamic Voices

Maximum Polyphony: 48

Effects: Yes, also including Live Control knobs, Quick Sampling, Groove Creator

Speakers: 12W + 12W, 4"

Recording: Yes, including recording to USB flash drive

Yamaha PSR-EW410