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Practical, Affordable and Reliable solutions


Founded in 1981, Gopaul Electronics supplies a wide range of electronic items to meet the full gamut of consumer needs. We supply everything from spare parts and raw materials to full audio systems, as well computer accessories and consumer electronics.


We are authorized dealers for the following brands:

Public Address (P.A.) Systems

If you need an audio system, we can supply you. We have components and equipment for all types of Public Address, and we cater for all budgets.

We have the equipment you need, whether it is a large-scale sound system, a church or temple install, a DJ rig, or even a mike system, .

Car Audio

Car amps, subs, decks, processors, preamps, wires, install kits, midrange speakers, tweeters, batteries, sub boxes, flare boxes, monoblocks, 4-channel amps, etc. 


Best prices. Discount with cash or linx.

General Electronics & Spare Parts

Radios, Telephones, TV antennas, cables, computer accessories, spare parts, inverters, power supplies, etc.

We also carry a range of Capacitors, Resistors, LEDs, Transformers, Breadboards, etc, for electronics projects or repairs.

If you are in San Fernando, check us out. We have you covered.



Musical Instruments

We supply a wide range of Musical Instruments, including many types of String, Keyboard and Percussion instruments.

We also carry recording and studio equipment, including audio interfaces, condenser microphones, cables, etc.


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