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  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: The TXX-BDC-V-15D2 is designed and engineered with 5 magnets for strong power handling and increased voice coil ventilation for ultimate performance and endurance. 
  • PEAK POWER: 3000 Watts | RMS POWER: 1500 Watts
  • MAGNET: Boasting 5 magnets for strong power handling, 310 Oz
  • VOICE COIL: The TXX-BDC-V-15D2 has a dual 2 ohm 3.3 inch 4-layer high temperature black aluminum (BASV) voice coil, engineered with improved voice coil ventilation for substantial performance and endurance.
  • ALUMINUM BASKET: The TXX-BDC-V-15D2's newly designed powdered black paint aluminum basket with a strongly constructed dust-proof heat sink to allow for high ventilation was engineered to deliver optimal sound quality.
  • QUAD WEAVED TINSEL LEADS: The TXX-BDC-V-15D2 is crafted with progressive weaved tinsel leads on each side of the subwoofer, ensuring optimal sound quality and durability.
  • PATENT PIPE MULTICONNECT TERMINALS: TheTXX-BDC-V-15D2's carefully designed and tooled reliable and convenient patent pipe multi-connect terminals allow for optimal connection and better reliability. They accept up to 8 gauge speaker wire for easy series and parallel wiring of the dual coils.
  • KEVLAR FIBER COMPOSITE NON-PRESS PAPER CONE: The Kevlar Fiber Composite Non-press Paper Cone with Texture finish is newly designed to improve cone rigidity for better performance.
  • MOUNTING DEPTH: 242mm (9-1/2”)
  • IMPEDANCE: 2 x 4 Ohms or 2 x 2 Ohms


Audiopipe TXX-BDCV-15


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